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What is the first thing you must do if you receive an overseas assignment at your company? You should start working and the whole family will follow.Please contact us for help with all the preparation, housing, schools, child care, taxes and health care, etc. at

The car industry

Dear All,

When am I entitled to coaching?

There are many companies and people asking "What is coaching?" How do I look for a coach? What to demand from a coach?

New learings at conference in Amsterdam

I attended a three day conference of EMCC. EMCC is the european mentoring and coaching council UK based. I have two memberships one for Sweden and one for Switzerland. Why am I having memberships? Well, if you need a body to refer at when you apply for a contract, it is certainly one way of emphasizing your proffessional vue on coaching in itself.

To give coaching is to get coaching

Dear all,

With a little help from a friend or so - coaching forever

Time for changing in your career life? Time for a change privately? Whatever change you need to do in order to move on in your life, you cannot possibly do it on your own. It is so important to list who your friends are, and do you know for sure who your friends are? Have you done a marketing research of yourself? Do you know what people say about you? What people feel about you? There are so many times I hear as a helping coach or when I train people, that who you thought was a friend was not at all. You got a knife in the back from somebody unexpected.

Looking for a job- use job coaching

More and more are in unemployed. Heard today´s figures for Stockholm. in 2008 there was 1.6 percent unemployment in the city. Today it is 6 percent. Only in a year. What is going to happen to all these people? There are not sufficient with jobs. First of all the state owned unemployement agency could make a far more effort to learn about us private job coachers. We are well educated coachers, a lot of experience how to take care of unemployed people. We have also specially designed programs to establish a well formed plan.

Lost your job recently?

How do you feel when you realize - you are out of the office as of monday? First you had heard roomers about that your company will get rid of staff members. Off course you will not believe it. It could not happen to you right? Suddenly you do understand that has happened to you. Me? Yes you. After all these years of loyalty to my company and now they drive me out of the office, the factory, my job. It will shock you, I can guarantee you. It will. It will also take a while before you realize that you are out of job.In the denial.

Selfesteem and life coaching

My membership of the International Coaching Federation, is giving me confirmation of my thoughts of the use and the need of coaching. Many times I realise that my coachees are stressed over a certain situation even afraid. Afraid of the consequences of the fear of the unknown. We would like to have the answers, before we take decisions. But are we not aware of that it is impossible to know everything? Still, there are many I  have in my coaching sessions, in which their demand is to know much more than they know. How can you be requesting so much from yourself?

Why is coaching needed in order to get a job?

I am very anxious about people having applied for 200 jobs without getting a result. And coached by a recruiter? I am seriously worried. Is it the attitude of the job seeker or is it only the labour market to blame? In some way it is upsetting when you look at the labour market. By putting many many factories in China for instance to get cheap products back-delivered in to Europe so we, consumers can buy the goods at a lower price, Europe has assasinated its own chances to keep people in jobs! Sure we want low price consumer goods.
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