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When your cup is full stop pouring
2012-08-20 13:27
Did you know if that you are only using 20 % of all stuff you have.If using the 80-20 rule 80 % of what you have you are only using 20%? A good idea is to clear it out. So get rid of the stuff you never use. At the same time you reset your mind. And when you get rid of something,you make room for something new. A new way of thinking, living or whatever you want to come to you. Positive thinking. Are you tired of all these words? But it is so true. Negative thinking give negative result. Say for example that you are in good health. If you say : "I am not ill", or if you say "I am in good health", which one of these two expressions sound more positive? Small things like what I mentioned above, will make the whole difference and change of attitude. Mozart said: I do not live poorly, but I am broke. Think about that expression. He is expressing that he has a good life but no cash. Being without money can be expressed in many ways. My financials are not good, I could do better economically, I will find new opportunities in order to improve my financials,etc. When you are broke, try to find positive ways out of it. What are your own resources? How can other people help? Family? Friends? Job opportunities? Plan your financials. Set up a strategy for at least three years ahead. How much money do you need? What do you have to do in order to get your life style? What actions do you have to take? Do not set a strategy when it is too late. Where are you today? Where are you going? It would be splendid if google had an instrument saying: "Put in your final goal in twenty years , tell us where you live and how old you are and press enter"and out comes a whole strategy of what you have to do, when and how to proceed in order to achieve your goals. Sorry but not yet, but maybe we can order a road map for each one of us in the future. Who knows! Right now we have to create our own road map- so where are you in twenty years from now? Are you living alone or with somebody?How many kids, where do you live, what do you do? Put that together in a strategy of how to get there. You will see everything is possible!
Self development
2012-08-20 13:07
You are what you think. When you believe it you see it. These are common expressions when you listen to a personal developer expert. Every time I am thrilled to refresh my memory. Ah! So it is. You are what you think. For example if you meet a person on the street saying "Hey stupid". And you turn around. So why did you reacted and how did you reacted? The person who said "Hey stupid", has a certain way of thinking.It is only his opinion and has nothing to do with you. He transmitted his thought. Is his thought about you, more important than what you think about yourself? Hardly. People´s opinion about you is only thoughts, what they think. It can never be more important than what you think about yourself. Please do not forget that. Success. When you believe it you see it. Another good insight. Not until you believe in what you are doing, producing,selling, creating, etc you will see the success. Success is not something you get. Success is what you get out of it. If you believe it you see it. It comes to you in a heartbeat. Belief is something very important. Faith as well. Take a moment and ask yourself: What are my beliefs? What is my faith?
Take care of one self
2012-08-18 08:42
Do we fight for success , to win, as much as the athlets do?
2012-08-14 08:54
I followed some of the athlets and to see how they prepare for the Olympics in London. Years and years of training, and hard and focused training. They have targets for every day´s training. Targets for every minute, hour.They have a trainer, coach and sponsors as supports. They are backed up by media and journalists writing about them. They are followed by their home country. Off course they could not do it without support. What can we do without support? Who are your supporters?Just look at what you are doing each day. Do you have a target for each day and when achieved it do you celebrate? Or how do you manage your day so you do not lose focus and motivation? What is motivating you? So important that you have a good life. Your job is only a tiny part of your LIFE. The athlets they have one focus and that is to WIN. They probably not only train the physical activity, but very much the mental. What has to happen for you to feel like a winner? How does it FEEL to be a winner? How does a winner act? Act as if? Yes a good idea. Act as if you were a winner. What do you feel when you act as a winner? What do you feel when you act as a loser?Feeeeel the difference! The athlets do anything to achieve a goal - in their case WINNING. What does it take to win? What does it take for you to win? Schedule it. To win can be about the retirement. What would you like to have achieved when retire? So what do you want to have? Where do you want to live? With whom do you want to live? Write it down, and then schedule what you have to do in order to WIN IT. Do you think you have to do more efforts than an athlet? Or to fight more than an athlet?
"There isn´t a problem a miracle can not solve"
2012-07-18 12:36
One of the top goals my coachee, a senior female executive, had set up was life balance. She was a High Performance Executive at a large firm. Her agenda was always full and she was struggling with her TO-DO-LIST. In between she had to "squeeze in" family matters. Two small children and no help at home. She asked if I could release three hours per day. What? Three hours per day! I must admit that I got a bit nervous. I wanted so dearly that this coaching should be the top of the line among all coaching companies already contracted at the firm. I just had to find a solution. The coaching method Strategic Intervention Coaching normally get fast results. But the goal to releasing 4 hours a day. Hm, was not that sure I could make it happen. We looked through her TO-DO-LIST. How much personal matters? How much professional matters? How much family matters? We divided all tasks into various groups. 1. Personal.2. Professional 3. Home. The most interesting was that we could free 4 hours in group 2,Professional tasks. The answer became clear when we found out that she did act more as a regular employee than an executive. It is only possible for coaches to find the right solutions if we understand the problems and can put ourselves in the other person´s situation. Time Master and one coaching session later my coachee had released 4hours per day! Somebody I met at an airport said to me when we were sitting in the business lounge, "There isn´t a problem a miracle can not solve". I believe that is true!
Change - it is totally possible
2012-06-04 09:36

Are you afraid of changes? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid of the outcome? Let me give information about how to structure your change. We all live in a world where we have to change in order to grow. If you do not want to change it means that you do not want to grow.

Here is an example: When the politicians argue about how to solve the crises, they often pull back. They cut costs they save, but they forget about how imporant it is to let people grow.So what the actually do is preventing people from growing.People are stuck by politicians right now. And the society too. Both people and economc society will die if they do not see how important it is to grow. A relationship without growth will die, if you do not grow yourself you will die. So growth is more important than anything else. So how to find the balance between saving and growth! For instance if you have money problem you can not only cut costs because that will put you into isolation, and you will have health problems, you will also need to find ways to grow.

So find out what you like to do what you like at the most. Is it nature-have as many activities as you can outdoor. It is free to walk around in the nature. If you love movies, look for movies that are given for free. If you love music go to a church where they give a concert for free. Find anything that you like that is given for free. There are many organisations giving activities for free. Look for what is good for your soul- it is crucial. Put your hand on your heart and feel yourself!

If you are unhappy at work- specify why. Look for possibilities to make your dreams come true. What do I have to do? Take a moment and ask yourself: What has to happen for me so that I feel love, growth,happiness, etc. Put GROWTH first on your agenda and ask yourself: What has to happen for me to grow?

Manage your time - part three How to seet your massive action plan
2012-06-01 09:59

How to set your massive action plan. First write down your to do list. Everything at work, at home etc. Quite a long list? Take a moment and group them. All you have written down is related to either the office, the home duties, or personal. What to - do things are related to your home duties? What to-do things are related to the office- work? What to-do things are related to your personal life? When you have grouped them , you can clearly see what you are

Ask yourself: Three questions three answers: What is the result , the outcome that I am committed to achieving?

1. What do I really want?

2. What is my Purpose? Why do I really want it?

3. What specific Actions must I take to make this happen? What is my MASSIVE ACTION PLAN? Next step is to time it. How much time will each one of your to-do things take? 30 min 10 min or 2 hours? Block the MUSTS.

Manage your time part two
2012-05-30 11:55
I will continue to describe Tony Robin´s RPM to manage your time efficiently you will need 1.Capture Make a capture list of all things you want must and need to do 2.Create your RPM plan-Three questions three actions 3.Commit and Schedule-block your musts 4.Complete and achieve- take massive action and messure your progress 5.Celebrate What breakthrough did you have this week, this day etc Please get in touch with us when you need help.
Master your TIME! part one
2012-05-29 12:03
According to research the average person is interrupted seven 7 times per hour, 56 times per day! The average recovery time per interruption is 4 minutes. Above research results, show definitely that we need to manage our time and plan it more than ever. Tony Robins, says:"Activity without purpose is the drain to a life of fulfillment". I say: One of the biggest mistakes people do is not to set their goals for their life careers. So let´s start the planning of your week, month and year! First set your final goals twenty years from now. Where do you live, if you work where do you work, ,your achievements, who do live with, what do you do. Write your story! When you have set your goals, it is time to plan how to get there. Week, days ,months and year you will have to plan it. Tony Robins founder of the RPM plan. R for rapid, p for planning m for massive action. Results focused, purpose driven , massive action plan. Before you make the massive action plan ask yourself: What do you want? Why do I want it? Three questions three answers of RPM 1. What is the result that I am commited to achieving? What is my purpose?What specific actions must I take to make this happen? (Source Tony Robins Time Master)
Are you ok with changes?
2012-05-25 14:29
Some people do not want to change what so ever and some people are happy with a change. That is because we are different. If you do the test the 6 human needs, you will find out what your needs are. We at Livecoachers work with what all human have, the 6 human needs. Certainty<>Significance<> Variety<> Love and connection<> Growth<> Contribution<> A person who has significance and variety as his/her two top needs lives a completely different life than a person who has certainty and love and connection as his hers two top needs. The person with variety as a need, will welcome the change but his colleague who has certainty , will do anything to avoid the change! Therefore it is crucial to know what people you have around you, what their needs are and how they work. Is the co-worker a listener or a reader? A writer perhaps? How was the decision (the change) announced, presented and introduced? Do the staff involved know what it means to them as a group, and as individuals?¨ As a leader take a moment to ask yourself: WHY THE CHANGE? WHAT IS MY ROLE IN THE NEW ORGANIZATION? WHAT IS EXPECTED OF ME? WHO CAN I TALK WITH? WHO HAVE THE POWER WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION TO SAY YES AND NO WHEN I ASK? WHO HAS THE INFLUENCE? WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY? Look for people you can talk with who have power, influence and authority! If you talk with people without, you will getting nowhere. Talk to your group, your team. Let them have their say. Your initial instructions and information to them is important. You may win them all over to your side. A leader is not a title. A leader is an individual with needs,and goals just like the others within the game. Who is the best player in a foot ball match? The one who is the most talented, uses his strengths (he knows his strenghts) and have one thing on his/hers mind. To know exactly how to go through all the obstacles, to get help from others, in order to achieve the goal! Please send us your email and ask for the 6 human needs test and we will send it to you at once.