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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

So many young people out of jobs
2009-09-28 07:43
I read in the newspaper SvD today that 9 out of 10 in the age between 18 and 24 are without a job position in Sweden. To be without a job means that you are out of the social system. You are dependent on  what governernments can do for you, in order to help out to get a job. I was attending last friday "an open house for unemployed" together with job coachers. We were there to answer questions about how to get a job coach, how we could give a hand to persons looking for a new position. And many young people arrived. They were thrilled when they came to us, and saw a modern system. An online video coaching system. They do no longer have to go to the unemployment agency and mix up with other unemployed (unless you do not want to off course). The thought of to be able to sit where you are, connected to internet as usual,was very welcomed by the young once. While you are looking for jobs - at least you can feel young- you are connected! The alternative is to go to a state owned unemployed agency, with so much bureaucracy, you have to take your number, take a seat and wait until it is your turn. Depressing. Young people are free, they want to feel free and they deserve it. Thank God I took the initiative and invented this form of coaching. Video online coaching where the jobcoach is where you are. The unemployed is in the system with us. Heard that the unemployment agencies allow 6 job coachers  to serve 1700 unemployed. We as private suppliers are allowed to serve -  20. So come on you young once - we will give you a connected hand. We connect you to jobs.
Is my coaching good enough? What can I ask from my coach?
2009-09-22 08:33
I was thinking this morning, how beautiful it is outside. Sun is out, leaves are turning into redish coulors, the sea still warm enough to take a swim. The summer turns into fall, maybe a change for me? I close my eyes, and see my coming day in picutures. Lots of new opportunities to come, interesting meetings which ends up in agreements, having a coffee with a friend and at night I go to bed satisfied with what I have done. I just gave an example of one of our coaching sessions. A part of coaching is to train our coachees to set their goals but in pictures. You will be amazed how you can through this technique how clearly you can set goals and se them. Daily goals or goals for the future. It is part of a technique we are using called NLP. NLP is a technique which helps you to take you out of your old pattern and to begin something new. To feel it.I call it soft coaching. Soft coaching is to take it gently and slowly build up a persons´selfconfidence. And when the soft coaching is done, I move into the training section of the coaching which I call skill coaching (hard coaching). Skill coaching, instructur lead, will improve the skills, we have found out together needed in order to move further in your career. 
What do we know about coaching?
2009-09-19 09:03
So many are using the name coaching in the wrong context. Too often. I meat a woman once who asked me what my occupation was and when I told her I did coaching she said rapidly "I am a coach as well" I asked her within what area and she said "Outlook". I wondered how she could call herself a coach when it comes to a software, as outlook. What she really ment was that she gave courses in how to use Microsoft Outlook. Education, practicing I would have called it.   Coaching cannot refer to Freud nor to Jung who give a picture of their psykological brains and solid research.  Does it exists within coaching? Yes some research is actually done within some universities. Some persons are doing researches do get a doctor´s degree. One of them I read about , had his very precise oppinion about what a person who just lost the job should do - Go travelling and enjoy yourself while you have the time for it,was the message. I could not believe what I read.   Today we have a galopping unemployment and the only machinery which counts to keep up a country´s wealth is to put people back into jobs. There is no time to lose. I still wonder what his research in coaching is all about?
What do we know about coaching?
2009-09-19 09:03
It is important, that everybody who needs coaching know what it is and what it means.Here is my opinion of what coaching stands for. "Coaching should inspire and lead the coachee to a successful individual with respect to the individuals own demands and wishes. Coaching is a tool for each individual to find out his or hers most outstanding talents and how to use them so it will turn into a sucess.The coaching should be so very excellent, that each individual feel great and is sure about his or hers success is absolutely possible to achieve." Kerstin Höghielm  Many consultants call them self coachers, without knowing what they are talking about. Consequently it destroys the reputation of the occupation. What goals must a coacher set up for themselves?It is individuals we are going to inspire and help to become sucessful. In whatever skill!  Good coaching is when the coached people get results. The coaching should by all means be a help to determine and set up the goals for each individual. .   Coaching cannot refer to Freud nor to Jung in a coaching session, but for sure we know from their research how we function as individuals. There is very poor research within coaching, but in 10 years time, perhaps we know a lot more about how coaching effects individuals. And what to demand from a coach.   
Livecoachers Blog
2009-09-15 09:32
 This is the first blogpost