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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

It is a crises out there!
2012-05-22 09:36
How come that the politicians can not come to an agreement about what actions have to be taken in order to avoid the biggest european collaps in history? We train leaders all days, and can not stop telling them how important it is to work for the whole company´s interest and not just in their own interest. We have learned from the highest respected ecnomist, that if Germany and France do not put their act together, get on with a collaboration that will gain the whole europe it will be the end and the collaps is a fact! Look at Angela Merkel.Is she really against growth? She sits at the round table with the other politicians showing a grumpy attitude. Is She really the only one against the actions needed to be taken in order to make countries to grow? Hard to believe. Is she putting the national interests first instead of looking at the whole picture? Her fear to lose next election? Her fear of inflation? Who can talk to her? What else does she need in order to see the whole picture = Europe´s needs in order to avoid a total collaps.
2012-03-08 14:55
I refer to my previous blog , and want to add that The survey Harvard business essential refer at in the book Your Mentor and Guide to Doing Business Effectively, is a survey made in 1988! I bought the book last year. It is absolutely not acceptable that they refer at such an old research.
Women´s day
2012-03-08 12:56
Harvard Business Essentials and "your Mentor and Guide to Doing Business Effectively is a book I bought in an airport not so long ago. I look at the table of contents and it looks good until I see "Women and Minorities 113. The author describes that women and minorities do not get a coach or a mentor as often as men . It is described in the book that many companies affirmatively seek out qualified women and minority job applicant. "The people generally seek out and maintain mentoring relationships with people who are like them in terms of race,gender and interests". (page 114 source Harvard Business Essentials). Yes it might be easier dealing with people who are like the rest............. It is said that there is an absence of suitable mentors. I cannot understand it. Is Harvard saying that there are no mentors of a very high rang, understanding the female executive´s problems? Let me take a pause here. In order to be and act as a real professional coach you must understand the other person´s world. Male or female problems. Why are so many women coaching men? Why are this book saying that there is a problem for companies to hire a mentor (not even a coach) for a female executives?There are many coaches, and mentors ,like myself, who perfectly understand the other person´s problems. The only problem a man could not possibly understand is what it is like to give birth to a child. Why would not a coach or a mentor of high rang be able to coach a female executive? Because of that they do not understand what Life balance means? Or because of the existing reports of sexual tensions? Or what is this? "Developing relationships across chasms of personal differences requires a willingness to take risks, for both mentor and protégé" (protégé must mean mentee)Unbelievable! Why can not both mentor and mentee hold back and keep the level of contact and engagement at a distance?? If the risk is so high as described in the book, that mentor and mentee will start some form of another relation, why not take an external coach, online,with video? A mentor is often a person who have had or having the same profession as the mentee and the person is often an in house resource and the meetings are held face-to-face physically in the office. I would very much like toget an invitation from Harvard and I will for free give a speech about mentoring and coaching and how we are trained in order to understand the other person´s world. The world of men and women. I then see in the book that they refer at a survey made in 1988! Holy Cow.
Why do we create such good results at Livecoachers?
2012-02-20 13:04
How do we know how we create good results? For me it is simply that when I see that my coachee is recognized at the office and starts to get rewards and even awards, I know I have been successful. Successful with what? Is it not the coachee who are the success and getting the recognition? Oh yes, absolutely true. You are just a person helping the coachee into new thoughts. I will explain how I identify the problems. The secret behind it , is to find the real issue. The real problem. It is not enough to sit and listen to complaints. Oh yes coachees often complain about their co-workers, their superiors etc. First, I never accept a complain. I require CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Never let anybody to feel sorry for them selves. Second, I instantly give exercises to do ,to get the real problem out. Third. I go through the six human needs that help me to take the person to a new level of understanding him/herself. When I have done that, it is time to analyse what needs in order to solve the problem. That is the hard bit of my work. You must never hurt your coachee´s feelings and you may not get close to making your coachee upset. I use the 7 master steps and for that you need education in order to read more lead your coachee through them. As a coach you do not only need education, you must be a very talented and experienced coach to handle these issues. You can never help your coachee unless you understand the coachee´s core problem. You have to build trust.
People you simply can not stand
2012-01-19 09:32
Change management - why make it difficult?
2012-01-15 11:14
Dear friends So many of us need to change often. Whether it is within the organization or within oursleves. Here are some tips: 1. Find out if you really want to change. If not, how come? 2. What is your alternative to the change? 3.How much do you personally have to contribute and to what? 4.What can you influence? 5.What can you not influence? This is how you start up , to acknowledge the change. The more information you have about the changes the more you can deal with it, take necessary decisions and to move on. The importance is that you do not get stuck with problems. You have to move on.
What if Kodak would have choosen professional coaching in change management?
2012-01-05 14:06
Today huge companies who have been on the market for hundred years fall! The did not keep up with the competion , at all. Despite Kodak INVENTED the digital camera, they are falling. They missed the whole opportunity.Companies need to change, along with the competition and grow. A company who does not change, will not grow. A company which does not grow will die.
Criticism is good!
2012-01-05 12:45
Crisis and conflicts
2011-12-02 09:38
Every day I read about how the politicians handle crises. Euro Crisis, Political parties conflicts and crisis. What impression do you get? How do politicians, company leaders, handle their conflicts and crisis? Some of them manage a crisis by blaming the others. Some pretend that the crisis is not that bad as it shows Some will try to reduce the problem Some will sneak away, and will hope that the problem will be solved by itself How do you manage crisis and conflicts? I do hope you DEAL WITH IT! Take external help and DEAL WITH IT.
What would it mean to you to get your problems at work out of the way?
2011-11-29 11:52
Many times during coaching sessions, I have listened to people, almost worned out by their problems at the office. Staff problems, mobbing, team problem, budget problem, Organizational problems, managerial problems. You name it! It never stops. Lack of time and lack of financial resources are two main obstacles, which prevent managers from getting external help. Companies today, need more external help than ever. If you only knew how much more time you would save if you worked more structured. If you only knew how effectively the problems could be sorted if you had hired an external coaching expert. You should not need to have troubles at work!