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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

Have you found your strengths?
2011-11-28 13:13
Every coachee working with us at Livecoachers, will get this book . It is one of our high lights of our first coaching session, to go through a person´s strengths and how to use them for different purposes. If you do not know your strengths - find them with Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment. It is so clever, and at the end of the book you will find your personal code to access an onnline test. It will take 30 minutes to fill in the questionaire. It is a strengths finder assessment. Very impressiv!
Crises Management
2011-11-08 09:15
Greece´s politicians have decided to cooperate , in order to save the country from bankruptcy. So the president, the former, could not get away with the "one man show concept". The Ego concept failed. The whole Globe will have to pay a too high price for his need of significance .
President Obama learns about european culture
2011-11-04 17:00
"Lot´s of meetings in Europe" President Obama´s reflection
The best ever said.....or?
2011-10-28 09:59
Sarkozy:" I wasn´t around when it all started" referring at the present crisis.
What does a person´s leadership show ?
2011-10-28 07:51
There is a lot of discussions around leadership. I come across it every day. A certain type of leadership shows the personality etc. Can we say that leaders are all the same but with different names? It is amazing to listen to what Europe´s leaders say and how they act, when they have to handle a crisis. How many of them do want to take the fully responsibility of the crises? Are they able to see the harsh reality and to take full responsibility for it? Or is the fear of failure, so hard that they choose to cover up with half- truths? Who is providing crisis management?
What if?
2011-10-03 07:35
What if you did not have any worries today?
Can companies afford to lose their best employees?
2011-09-29 11:34
Can companies afford to lose their best employees? Three out of four want to quit their jobs. A survey, based on responses from 1070 managers, shows that three out of four executives want to quit the company. (Source Ledarna)The most important reason for why they want to quit is primarily because they do not like the boss and do not like how the organization is structured. Another reason is that they do not get enough support in their role as leaders. Can the company really afford to lose the best people in the organization due to lack of motivation to stay on? It is also said in the survey, that these people do not change their occupation. It is the change of company that attracts. If the boss they did not like had been offered developing support in his/hers leadership role, would the staff then have stayed? Many companies are constantly cutting costs, in order to improve the bottom line. Have they ever considered how much it costs to hire a new executive? And how much it would cost to take action in order to make excellent staff stay? The Economist writes in the article "How to save the euro" is to switching from obsession to save and cutting costs, to an agenda that emphasizes measures of growth. That is what we feel the companies must do also, in order to keep staff. How big is the budget for hire and fire? How much can a company save, if regular leadership support, coaching, was budgeted? It is obvious in this survey that bad leadership, (unemotional leadership) makes people leave. And that they did not get enough support in their own roles. If a company made regular staff surveys,(360), it could immediately take action and perhaps prevent skilled staff from leaving. We frequently encounter that leadership development programs are not purchased because of cost-cutting. Does it mean that we would rather save on leadership support than promoting growth? How can a company grow if the staff are not growing? The study shows that the main reason why a person leaves the employer is dislike of theboss, it gives a clear signal that there is a lack of emotional leadership out there. Nobody seems to have noticed! We coaches, use emotional coaching, in our aim to help leaders to better understand leadership. We, coaches are here to help our clients to feel understood, to take purposeful actions and to be in a resourceful state in order to help people to get unstuck. How much money do you think a company could save if it was true, that by continuous management support employees felt good and did not really wanted to resign? Would this be THE way of thinking growth? Many talented, people, who have generated considerable income for the company, get promoted, to a manager position and to run a team. The difference from being a contributing employee, without leadership responsibility, to a manager who runs a group of people and needs to understand group dynamics, could be a rather challenging experience. A new boss needs to get the possibility to grow in the new position. How do you discover bad leadership within the organization? Different surveys for coworkers (360)are excellent tools to measuring how staff feel about their bosses. The consequences of having growth first on the agenda, is usually that the company get higher profits than expected. The company becomes more attractive to work for as the employees feel affiliated socially to the company, which is important to company´s attractiveness.
Resistance does not help you to move on
2011-09-14 10:55
How do you manage the changes within your organization? How do they affect you personally? Do you fight against the changes or do you follow "system""go with the flow?. Our experience is that people who refuse to change or try to beat the system, will feel more stressed than the persons who accept the changes. Stress? Sleepless nights, headache,loss of appetite, etc.If you do not fight the changes within your organization, and instead embrace them your day will appear differently. Resistance does not help you to move on! I do not mean that you should not have your own opinion about the changes. Try to influence, but only of what is within your control.You are not alone, changes will affect all of us. Accept that you have to live with changes for the rest of your active If you stick to your "control zone" you will recognize how much you can contribute with. From the 15th of October 2011 downloads "Change Management" "Conflict Management"
How about personal branding?
2011-08-31 11:33
If I had branded myself in my young days, I think my life would have looked quite different. The program, Personal Branding, I did some years ago, and which livecoachers are selling today changed my life. It is a step-by-step program. The program begins by asking questions like "In order to make your personal brand, you have to know who you are, what you want, who your audience is etc. When I did the program my true self came to light. I discovered new sides of myself, what I really wanted in life and how to . Hello Kristina! Nice to meet you. If I had known about how to specify values, I mean my own values, I think I would have taken another direction in life, both professionally and privately. I did not know anything about values at the time. We did not talk about values in my family or in my society. We children just followed the rules at home. How you should act and behave. The values are they your own or are they your parent´s values, or the society´s values, or your friend´s? Later on in my life I discovered, what my values were about. I also realized that they were far from my parents. Think about it. List 5 of you high-priority values, what would they describe? What do they tell about yourself?Who are you as a person? The real self- you? Who runs your life? What runs your life? Are you in command over your own life? Or is it somebody else? If you want to find out more about our personal branding program please contact us
Why a company needs external help
2011-08-10 05:38
“In a century of accelerating change and extraordinary challenges, companies need more external help than ever" wrote the Wall Street Journal. " The challenge will not go away on contrary it has increased and it will go on increasing for the rest of our time." Everybody is going to feel the stress. The winners are those who are best equipped for changes and those who accept it. To become a winner you will have to get rid of stress. One stress factor is the lack of time which makes it difficult for companies to be motivated to evaluate their staff´s needs. Staff who are not prepared enough for the upcoming change will not be able to deliver. They will not be sufficiently motivated. Why turn for external help?_ Why should your company need external help?First of all employer attractiveness. What benefits may a potential employee envision in working for a specific organization? What power does your company have that draws applicant´s attention to focus on an employer´s brand and encourages existing employees to stay? How do you encourage key positioned staff to stay? Are you in "the war of talent"? Ask yourself, what a problem can cost your company and how does it impact your staff´s health, their career and their relations to their peer-group? Why coaching?_ As your on-line professional coaching partner we help key staff in your company develop and grow. We work with your talented people to develop strengths and skills even further. They will identify themselves with your company and become highly engaged and motivated, and contribute to your company´s success for a longer period of time. Why coaching? Coaching is a technology for learning and change.We provide individual-based and company-based coaching. Three steps: 1. Identify the problem 2.Analyze the needs. 3.Set up a strategic plan to get results. It can appears as "normal and easy steps", but is far from it. It is crucial to hire a professional coach with a minimum of 5 years of experiences of leading coaching sessions in order to achieve the required results. It is also crucial to build trust. We work with our own designed step-by-step programs to keep sessions as structured as possible and to secure the strategic plan. .. .. How to Three steps: Register at get a password Get access to our services online To go online with livecoachers you will need: Computer, web cam,microphone and broadband connection. A Professional, flexible and goal oriented way of getting coaching. With us you will always have time for your coaching session. We recommend to download Skype or equivalent. Contact us Geneva +41 22 548 01 82 London +44 203 286 65 13 Stockholm +46 8 559 21 109