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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

Give a speech and get the audience with you
2011-06-22 13:41
Many times when I give coaching sessions, people´s biggest fear is to stand up in front of a crowd of people, and give a speech. To get rid of the fears 1.Reheares and test your speech on a few critical friends 2.Be your own critic. Use a mirror when preparing your speech,talking so you can see and hear yourself 3. Time it, to see the length of the speech 3.Record it, through your computer. Listen to your voice and look at your gestures 4.If you are happy with your speech, be sure the audience will be happy too. If you're still not sure if your speech is good or not, contact a speech expert. Show your recordings and discuss it.
Coaching is about change and learning
2011-06-21 05:55
How come that many companies do not consider coaching as a technology for learning and change? Staff development together with company development and change, are the most important factors in order to keep up with competion and to create success. It is unbelievable how little money a company puts in the budget for staff development. For little money, companies would get a better motivation and more competent staff. Staff will show loyalty, and will love to go to work. Companies must restructure at least once a year to keep up with competition and in order to take more market share. If the staff is last on the list, who are going to implement the company´s new goals and not correctly informed about what the future will mean and bring to them, the company will lose its staff. What will come out of unmotivated employees?Irritation , stress? Do you think an employee is better off not knowing about his or hers company´s future and goals? Do you think they would do a better job if they were informed and prepared through training to meet their new challanges? Do you think your company would have a greater success with happier staff?
On line video professional coaching
2011-06-17 18:56
Please click on the link to get a demonstration of how to use online video coaching demo livecaochers eng
Why do you not see your staff?
2011-06-10 07:05
How can it be that the staff almost or never get any personal development within a company? I took part of a survey the other day, which said that most of companies do not give any support to the staff in form of education, personal development or even coaching. How could it be like that? In order to keep up to the competition a company must constantly change. New demands. And very quickly the super fab MD will come out with new directives about changes. Reorganizations are common on a yearly bases within larger companies. Sure, if you must reorganize you must. But you forget the staff who is going to implement the new goals! How about giving your staff a reward today boss? The staff is put under unbelievably pressure. Obama said:"The world is moving too fast" in a speech the other day. Don´t you aree?
Get the best out of your staff, see them hear them.
2011-05-29 08:12
It is so very commun that a boss wants the staff to do identify problems and after asked to present them to the boss. The boss will solve the problem , and consequently take credit for beeing the one,who has solved the problem. The boss will get credit from his superiors, for doing such a good job. Do you think the coworkers who actually discovered the problem are happy with that? This shows that we have a big leadership problem 1. The boss did not solve the problem together with the coworkers 2. The boss took big distance from cooperation 3. The boss has no interest in people and in their career 4.The boss make it impossible for coworkes to feel that they are important, intelligent,dedicated persons Summary; The staff get no reward for their efforts and note that the boss has taken the joy from their employees to cooperate. T
do you need staff at home?
2011-05-10 14:12
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2011-05-03 16:50
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SAAB Sweden
2011-04-14 10:38
Look how the owners of SAAB are in a complete denial of how business are going. I think it is a disorder of everything. It is an example of how you can lie and manipulate absolutely everybody. Losers, leaders, badly run
It´s all about communication
2011-03-31 10:46
Hello all of you who are digital natives. What I mean with digital natives is that with today´s communication systems the digital natives expect to get information through audio and video transmissions and fast. Right into their Ipads , Iphones, Smartphones. All systems are now configurated so that teams, within an organisation can get information and communicate and update one another online - the future of coaching
2011-03-10 16:13
I took part of a research resently, where the researchers had come to a conclusion that the traditional coaching will soon be far away and as they said" The new worker becoming known as "a digitale Native" expects lots of information in a variety of topics with instant answers right now,in rich-media format hand-held or tablet delivered" "The concept of coaching of coaching sessions with a distinguished gentleman, or an energetic woman talking about self-awareness and reflection are about as foreign as a rotary telephnoe". The new generation of workers want access to multiple coaches and real-time answers. True! why wait for it, we are ready when you are ready. We have the coachers, the answers in real time.