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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

Are you thinking of hiring a coach?
2010-08-23 08:34
What do you know about coaching?Do you know what to think about before you hire a caoch? What is coaching? What is a coach doing and what experiences should a coach have? Actually, the word coaching has been misread by many professionals within organizations. Some companies believe that they have inhouse coaching, but in fact they have inhouse mentoring!Why? Because, it has never been explained! Therefore I would like here in my blog from us at Livecoachers give you a fair explanation of how a coach work, and what should be asked from a coach.
 Coaching is a face to face, meeting online live sessions with video or a physical meeting . A coach must be well trained and have some years of experience working with all sorts of people and to have dealt with all sorts of problems.You can check it up by asking the coach what membership the coach is holding. There are two major organizations for professional coaches. ICF or EMCC.If they hold a membership in either of them, they are probably well trained. Ask for references. It can be difficult to get references as all coaching is confidential. Look for website of the coach, normally there are some references mentioned there. If coach does not have a website, it could be a reason not to go into an agreement. Look for the very best and the very best always have a website. Ask what the coach can deliver. Still the question, what coach is suitable for you? After all, you will sit for hours together with your coach, sharing your inner thoughts and problems and get a result. You should entrust that person 100 percent. The right coach will lead you through your problems, solve them together with you, and make you move on within your business. Coaching is all about to highligt a problem, a subject , a situation in which you want to imporve togehter with someone , a professional you trust and with full confidence.
Please contact us for more advice. We are here for you. It is impossible to run a business, a job position all alone.
Mrs Inga-Britt Ahlenius farwell letter to the UN published in Washingto Post
2010-07-21 11:36
The  Under - Secretary - General for Oversight Services, within UN,Mrs Inga-Britt Ahlenius resigned from her post after her five years of duty. Her task has been the last five years to examine corruption and other irregularities within the UN organization. Her farewell report gives scathing criticism of the Secretary General Mr Ban-Ki- Moon. She is directly critical of his leadership and believe that the organization is top-down and demoralize staff. What happens when the Washington Post publishes her entire 50-page critique? Well the UN Secretary General's chief of staff defends his manager page after page by basically saying that it is too difficult to lead a large organization, make changes while trying to create peace in the world. If it is so difficult for the Secretary-General as it is  described,why  take on the job in the first place? If he did not realize what  leadership in this organization means, and to be so unaware of his own limits, it will end up probably with a fatal mistake, which will force  him to resign. What about the recruitment of a Secretary-General? What criteria? The letter of defence of the UN is remarcably poor. To defend bad leadership just says that UN Secretary-General has no clu of what leadership is about.  I guess Mr Ban-Ki- Moon neither have his own visions nor what it meant to take on a position like this. My question again to Mr Ban-Ki-Moon. Why did you take on this position? What did you think you could do?  Was it to satisfy your own ego? I can not believe it, but sometimes it is good to open our eyes and put these type of questions even if it concerns the UN management. Mrs Inga-Britt Ahlenius reported what she saw and discovered. Would a man in her position have reported it?

The world is still run by men and the men´s normes. It does not take long until you realize how it looks.  At least with a woman in charge the truth seems to have come out. I wish there were more trustworthy documents to be published. We have the right to see what is going on.

Kerstin Högielm
2010-06-24 07:14
What are people´s drive in their working lives? Is it money, career , interest in what they are doing or is it the passion to learn? As a leader it can be of highest interest to find out why each one of your teammember is there. Why are they there? How come that the persons working for you came there in the first place? What was her or his choice? And what was her or his alternative before takeing on the job?   It will not take long foryou as leader, to gather the team, and ask them to put down on a piece of paper why they are at the office?A leader gets a lot of information to use in order to develop hers or his team. Don´t you think?
To take on a coach or not- that´s the question.
2010-06-21 16:11
What is your daily problems? Staff, executive management comittee, board issues, organisation issues, your own stress, time, deadlines, family, friends, activities or just cannot get around what it is?   Who do you trust? Only yourself? . Sometimes it is very hard to share with somebody your problems. Perhaps are you a bit ashame? Perhaps you feel it is very hard just to open up and talk about them? Trust that everybody within an organization have problems. Business problems or other problems.Easy when you need to get a new software. You just call the IT department and they will come sooner or later and adjust, update och change the software. Software is old and worn out. It has served its purpose. What about yourself. If you consider yourself as a software. When do you think you need to get updated to follow the development. It happens so fast - the changes. You cannot relax if ever more than 6 months, and it is time for a change, No wonder it is hard at some stage to deal with it all. And if you do not have anybody to talk to? Not allways are your colleagues the best to discuss with. Why? Simple as they might be your competitor the next morning. But we have a good coaching program inhouse you might say. Sure, but who to trust? Can you really say anything? That is why we are here for you , us professional coachers, to go in and give a hand, when you hesitate for example to take a decision of any kind. With us, you are safe as we sign up a confidentiality contract before, and we will not get to know your competitors. We talk only with you and we will sort out your thoughts together and put them into a new way of looking at them.  
Is it efficient to go on line with your coach?
2010-06-18 07:11
Your coach should be so professional that any form of coaching given is efficient. If you go online with your professional  it is certainly because of lack of time, you are elsewhere than at your office or where you usually meet or you want to cut costs. Make sure that the online coaching is in real time and that you can see and hear your professional coach. Make it as a routine to get coaching on line. But the professionals must have designed program to be able to deliver targeted delivery of coaching.
Do you use in house coaching?
2010-06-16 14:33
Many companies offer or will offer in house coaching to the staff. What does it mean? Does it mean that you can say anything to any in house coach? Or do you have to watch your tongue? Today your colleague is your best friend , tomorrow the colleage might be your competitor.
Wedding ahead in Stockholm
2010-06-14 11:25
The Crown Princess Victoria is getting married. She got what she wanted - The love of her life. What kind of advice and coaching have been forwarded to her? Or is it as  simple as that she got what she wanted by her own strong will? I would personally guess so! And I do hope it is so. She is a very good role model for Swedish women. Her father must have had a say regarding this matter and was he ever afraid of that the monarchy was threatened?   What if the King of Sweden, had consulted a coach, in this matter?
What type of coaching have you chosed?
2010-06-01 14:23
Do you know how many different types of coaching available? Phychologists often puts on the bill "coaching" and have consequently appointed themselves to coaches.Why don´t they stick to their own title? A psychologist may get more deeply into your problems, who may have started  already in your childhood. And if something comes up within your vulnerable soul, they are ment to take care of your reaction. What feeling do you get, and what do you do with it? Good question to ask. Coaches who are problem solvers (very often named as executive coaches), are experienced business people, who have worked within an organization at all levels. Can give answers to staff problems, and business problems. Specially if the coaches have been into real trouble themselves, the chances to get your problems solved is higher that when a psychologist is trying to find out WHY your problems have occured. Yes they can give answers to everything, but to get the right answers they have to ask you the right questions! To you dear reader to choose what is the best for you.
Ask and its given
2010-05-24 11:33
Dear Friends, Ask and its given is a book written by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Is it as simple as that? Yes I would stress. The way you think creats your future (Louise Hay). Ester and Jerry Hicks mean that if you imagine in pictures and in thinking what your life would be like if you had what you wanted. For instance money. If you need money, sit down and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Start to create the picture of how it would look like if you had the money you are asking for. Let the picture be transferred  into a film. What are you doing? What are you wearing?What people are you dealing with?The hardest is to allowing yourself to sit for at least 20 minutes and just let it sink in. You can for instance say "I have enough money to get what I need". Or " I have money, work and friends".  It is essential that you repeat your own thoughts you have formed into sentences. Repeat , repeat on a daily bases. See if it works! Give it a chance. Noting to lose. But to be able to get what you want, you have to know what you need.
What does coaching mean to you?
2010-05-22 08:42
This is the question which is very important to ask yourself. If not sure, there are two  organizations like ICF,EMCC who have enough experiences to be able to answer all your questions concerning coaching. These organizations are communities for coaches. They have established rules for code and ethics and they do research. My experience says that EMCC, European Mentoring and Coaching Council in the UK, has made important researches. The website give information.