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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

What do you need ? How can coaching be of help?
2010-05-18 13:05
Hi dear readers! I will today talk about how you know that you are in a need of coaching. First you need to know what coaching stands for. It is definitely not a bunch of psychologists you will meet at our page Our community is based on people with long experiences, of moving forward raised issues. We , at our community, provide targeted delivery. But who sets the target? You of course. As soon as you have set a target, you have agreed to make the necessary changes. In order to move forward in coaching you must be able to make changes. Therefore we have made special programs to be followed and step by step you will move towards your set target. And our coaches are so experienced and so skilled both within your field, and to give help through coaching.   Lets talk about it in my next blog.
What I learned on a sailing race.
2010-05-04 11:39
I as an executive trainer, executive coach, jobcoach, mum , wife, you name it, thought I new myself and how I represented myself within a group. You have probably heard leadership phrases like "be yourself" "Follow your feelings and values" "Your intuition will tell how to take decisions" etc. If you have read books about leadership you have also come across sailing races, like Volvo Ocean Race and how the team has to cooperate in order to get to the final goal as efficient and fast as possible. But how? How do they achieve? I accepted an invitation of my devine friend, a former PR executive, very successful lady, to go with her and her 8 friends all women in business to race the Ladies Cup in south of France. My only reason to do the race with them was to get a better understanding for leadership and team building.How does a team work on a boat? Would it be the same as in the office? Or should it be the same as in the office? As a professional coach, it was high time for me to find out. 10 strong women in business took off on a 60 feet big Bermuda Cutter, from the port of Villefranche, to do a first race for practice and get to know the boat. We had already by email (!) got instructions about our positions on the boat. A short briefing from the captain about the boat, the sails, and other equipment. As no life wests were handed out, I asked for one. I had never raced before only summer holiday sailing. The practice turned out well and gave hope for the real race on the next day. We had listened to the captain, and did what we were told.A complete trust for captain and foreman (a real professional). A wonderful day ended with a lovely dinner and friendship among the group. The race took place on the following morning for three days. I learned so much and would like to sumarise my experiences:   Start your day briefing the staff/team and update Knowledge is THE power and give security to the team players Knowledge about what you really want from your staff Give lots and lots of information, repeat if necessary Give a straight message of who is in command Make clear that everybody have understood Leadership is equal trust Encourage your team often Never interfear (if not in a dangerous situation) Only the person in command gives the orders Clarify tasks given to a team player and make sure that the player has understood,repeat if necessary Straight communication Learn what competences there are in the team.Who is best at what task given A team member must learn about their own weaknesses, and consciously work on it in order to turn weaknesses into strenghts A team member is responsable for its self awareness. You get to know yourself through others. A team member must be responsive When conflicts arise, deal with it immediately Never let anybody in the team bossing around with others Summarize    
Coaching on line- the efficient way to get professional creative guidance
2010-04-28 08:09
There are many ,many who we find selling coaching services but they are really not professionals. Once I met a girl saying " Oh I am a coach too, I coach in Microsoft Outlook". It was not in my ears professional, and at that moment I was very happy to be a member of EMCC, and had done many years of leadership training for female executives. I was wondering - how to find another word for coaching, but the only word I could find was trainer. A trainer is more when you want to have somebody helping you to improve your skills. Skills are for example how to communicate, how do deal with a group of people in conflict, how to speak in front of a group of people. So still coaching is conventionally. I wish that the organisations like EMCC, ICF will find another word than coaching. Mindsetters? I am so pleased having set up this online professional coaching with video. Met a person within ebay organisation, and I was proud to tell him that we are using skype for the live coaching services. And the person got very impressed. I could prove that we save 50% of staff development costs and the cost for staff made redundants. If you can save money for companies, I can not see any hinder. 8 professional coaches, and I mean really professionals, with long experiences, have signed up to work for us. They see the advantages for them as well as for the companies they are going to serve. Google is a good tool to download documents with our coachees. Skype gives us the opportunity to see and hear which is crucial in a coaching session. We could not have done it without Skype.
What is professional coaching - what service?
2010-04-22 10:44
I have been to some of the seminares given by my network organisations. When HR managers speak about their coaching programs they provide to the staff, I have now understod that there is a confusion when it comes to define what is coaching and what is mentoring.   HR managers are very proud of how they have set up coaching programs. One of the major companies (world), HR manager stressed that their coaching programs are so well formed that any staff at any position, could just look up in the intern system for an inhouse coach, get in touch with the person and get coached. I stress - they have got it all wrong. When they say "we have inhouse coaching" "We have inhouse coaches, so we do not need any external coaching", I am in that moment convinced that their staff is just out of coaching. They have inhouse mentoring. Because when they say inhouse coaching, the staff can get in touch with a co-worker, who has the same experience, work experience and can be of good help to his or her colleague. But when it comes to coaching we are talking about something completely different. It will not be possible to provide inhouse coaching but well inhouse mentoring When you exchange experiences or take advices from a co-worker, it is mentoring, and you can say what you want. If it is coaching- the coach must be external, and the coachee may bring up issues, which is not appropriate to tell an inhouse- so-called - coach. What if the so called in-house-coach one day becomes your competitor within the organization? What if you have shared your inner thoughts and problems with a future competitor, your at that time colleague? See the point I am after? So my advice to all companies. Change the word coach to mentro, bring in professional coaches from the outside who can  develop your staff and solve problems which should not be shared "in-house" Have a good day Kerstin Höghielm
Management by grandmother
2010-04-13 07:10
Dear All, Have you been sending out email or sms without getting any answer at all? Or have you called a person, you really would like to pass on a message to , but the person never calls you back? Some of my coaching sessions, are about to discuss how to manage when people are not returning your calls or emails. At livecoachers we say "Management by grandmother".   It means that some rules should be set within the company such as: 1. You say hello to the people you meet within the company building 2. You be on time, when you have a meeting 3. You dress with respect to other colleagues and clients 4. You return a call , an emal or an sms 5. You say good-bye when you leave the office for the day to people you see If you miss out one of these, you show NO RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE and how would you on earth expect that people would like to be there for you and when you need them get the support and help you would need?
Do you know how good your coach is?
2010-04-07 10:36
To purchasing a coach is not the easiest to do. A coach can be calling him/herself a professional coach without knwoing what he/she is talking about. Got an email yesterday saying"I am going to become a coach, do you have any vacancy?" Well, off course as she did not give me any information about what type of coach she wanted to become, what she could offer us or contribute with, I just said NO! We are very conscious about what coaches there are out on the market offering all kinds of coaching. I would rather ask for a trainer not a coach! People have destroyed the word coaching totally. A coach is originally a person who inspires athletics and sets their minds in new ways of thinking in order to set a goal and go for it. To win whatever has to be won! One way to achieve the goal is to set your mind towards it! Within leadership, and outplacement we use the same method. Change management - how to change your way of thinking in order to become more positive and get a more positive attityde towards all kind of matters in your career life. Goal setting is one thing, but how to successfully reach your personal goal is crucial. If your trainer/coach helped you to become successul in achieving your goals- you did buy the right coach/trainer. How do I know if the coach is good for me? Make a checklist before you hire a trainer/coach. Contact me if you need the check list. I will make one for you. There are many bad coaches out there, and it will cost you an arm and a leg if the wrong one is selected. Good Luck!
Who are your friends in the office?
2010-03-17 08:10
I went to a gathering yesterday in my network for coaches. The guest speaker of the occation was a representative from one of our larger companies in the world. She talked about L&D,learning and development.It was ment to be an instructive lecture, telling us coaches and trainers, what a company expected from us and how we could sell it into the company. We were told that virtual meetings now is a must (very glad as that is the only way to get coaching from our company,) We must be able to sell our services with proof that we can solve the company´s problems  50% of L&D costs can be cut if we use face to face coaching or training in groups virtually. Great! I was so relieved that I have a system, that cut the cost with 50%. Determined to set it as no one selling point til  there was a clear message.She said:"We have no external coaches or trainers anymore. Whatever problems a staff might have, they have access to our internal coaches(  experienced colleagues), in order to get their problems sorted.I just saw how my earnings dissappeared. Ah! In that case, how are we coaches going to get the business if the companies are only using internal staff as coaches and mentors? How are they trained? Can you tell everything to your colleague who is supposed to act as your coach? Off course not. There are so many issues to deal with on a daily bases, and so many issues you do not feel like  sharing with an inhouse so called coach. By the end of the day, your colleague will sooner or later be your competitor in some way. That colleague you have "sorted your problems with" will for sure use it against you. He will know far too much about how you deal with problems as a person, and how you act as a person etc.  Who are your friends and how are your enemies? Who can you trust within your organization? What do you want to achieve within your organization?Who ought to know and do not ought to know? Be careful and see to your own best.    
Ouplacement online
2010-03-11 09:23
Would it be possible to let rendundants go through an outplacement program online? Never meet up physically with the coach? Would it give the same result? What if it did? What is the difference to meet up physically and to meet online? When you meet up physically you see and hear and touch (shaking hands). To read the body language is a very important issue for the coach. To hear the different level of the voice and to see expressions in the face. There is nothing more revealing of feelings, expressions, than the face. Your face will show, your thoughts, and how you feel about current situation. Test yourself. Look in the mirror. What do you see when you are smiling, laughing, crying, or showing anger? The different expressions, that will show in the mirror, will show when you have a physical meeting as well as in an online meeting, virtual meeting. When you for example order outplacement online with us at and through excellent softwares, like skype, which you easily download, you can get connected with our excellent coaches, who will guide you through our effecient outplacement programs. So the conclusion is , that an outplacement with us, will give the same result , face to face as we were sitting in the office, and also half  the expenses you normally would have at an ordinary outplacement company at less costs for the redundant and the coach, because no one  has to transport themselves to the set up meeting. Please visit our site   Conclusion: If you can see and hear you will get the same result online , with  
It´s all about attitude!
2010-03-09 08:57
We have recognized since a very long time, that women get less paid than men for equal jobs. Who is to blame? If you look around at company´s HR divisions, they are often run by women. Human Recourse, HR - people are very often women. Why? We all know from different researches that women are better equiped to handle conflicts and relation issues. That is one reason to why women oftem make a professional choice to work  within HR-departments. So how come that women do not take action in order to take the salaries up some levels? It differs around 16%. 84% of the men´s wages!Take a look at companie´s executive groups, and boards. Very often we can see on their web site  that the HR - responsible person, is appointed as a member of the executive management group. My conlusion is that this female executive could very well influence the wage settings. But still after a 100 years, the women in this high position, still allow the men to get away with the unfairness of wage settings. Women here is your chance I would say, take a fight ! How about some coaching for these females executives?To encourage you to take a fight! It is all about attitude. Time for a change.
How good are you as a coach?
2010-02-24 11:51
I was attending a seminar yesterday evening. As usual, guest speaker, who wanted to tell how splendid all coached people by him became through his methodogy. Full of expectations, I took a front seat. The more he talked about his professional life within coaching , the more dissappointed I got. At the same time more and more proud. Of myself and my company Throughout his speech, I found out that we are far ahead with the methods and not to speak about the way we coach and how professional we are! On the train back I congratulate myself, my IT team and my highly experienced coaches. They can solve problems and not talk so much about themselves! Coaching is to focus on your client not on yourself. A very good expression within consultancy is: There is nothing a consultant says or impose which the client was not aware of. A good coach, a real talented coach, should know that in this profession we will wake up and develop the ideas that the clients had long before the coach arrived. The coach´s job is to confirm the clients ideas and to give feed back. Or is it like I read on a card once:"there is not a problem a miracle cannot solve"