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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

The result of getting proper professional coaching sessions
2010-02-22 17:48
I get very upset when I read the magazin "Chef", a swedish magazine to me, worth  nothing. It started some years ago, together with the union "Ledarna", very smart because the target group was already there! The journalists of this magazine  litterly are bombing the readers with so called good leadership advices. More or less the same stuff in each issue. 36.000 SEK they charge you and saying that after participated in the course, (6 days) you will be exactly the right leader, because they know how to make you an excellent boss! So this is the course which will form you to become an excellent boss after 6 days of participation. Do you really believe it? The organizers , arranging this course, must be out of their mind totaly! It is totaly and utterly out of any thruth to say that everybody can become an excellent boss. From what criteria are they chosing from? To pay SEK 36000 for 6 days, (in two times) is a rip-off.Bunch people together , not a sign of individualism. One leader for all people working for you. What crap. They will all try out what they learned at the course, to find out that it is useless. Because we are all different. The leaders will realise when back at the office, that people need something else. Fast determined decisions when they occur. And for sure, they will realise that they have so many differencies within the staff force.Different issues within the companies.  Getting your own professional coach online with video, where you can see and here your coach, at your convenience, at your conditions, wherever you are, will help the leader to grow in the new role and the problems will be solved according to the leaders capacity and in his or hers way of doing it.     
Why online video coaching is an alternative
2010-02-17 14:32
You may be a coach, coaching in many different areas. But when it comes to online video coaching, the coach must be very experienced for example to coach an executive. You will meet the person physically for the first time, but after the first meeting , you vill only meet up through internet facilities. At, you may even make the selection of your personal coach, straight on the site and to send an email straight from the site in order to get in touch. You may pay your hours taken with your personal coach straight on the site as well. The coach is a problem solver. If coach is a professional coach,he or she  will know right from the beginning how to approach the coachee, client. How to get his/hers client to speak up so we all can get to the point. For an executive, it is essential, when the executive has discovered a problem and need a hand to solve it , that the problem is solved as soon as possible. Perhaps the executive do not want to reveal problems at the office nor talk about them with the colleagues! Online video coaching will in that case be the answer.  
Your coach
2010-02-09 09:02
What can you get out from a coach or from coaching? How much do you know about what a coach is doing and the coach´s mission? How do you know what you are buying? If the coach knows what he or she is selling and doing, you will have a clear message of what you will get. Not many knows what coaching is. It comes originally from all kind of support in sports. A sport coach, is encouraging and direct persons towards positive thinkings. It is known that if persons learn how to think and how you change your way of thinking. The way of thinking makes the result. A very negative way of thinking. How is that way of thinking ever going to give a positive result? If you as a human, constantly believe what you are doing is not good enough. Do you think your result would be positive? Your behaviour, your way of presenting things to your co-worker, your friends. It is how you say it not what you say, which will give you the result. The thoughts you have today, will create your future. Sit down and think about your thinking, what reactions you normally get and see if there is time to get a professional coach to help you to change your way of thinking. Up to you - if you would like to become a winner.
A lot of coaching opportunities on
2010-01-23 09:11
Coaching makes the difference! Yes it does. I am very greatful to the arbetsförmedlingen in Sweden,being  one of their job coaching company, in order to give a hand to the people who have just lost their jobs. From the day we got the contract, saying , that our company should provide help to unemployed, we have helped many into new positions. Not only helped them to get new jobs, but also helped them to change their way of thinking. My coaching methods bring the person into a new world , full of opportunies. lots of new challanges and that you as a person is worth it! Wow, thank you for the opportunity.  It feels good, to help and to give.
To give job coaching to young fellows is a real treat!
2010-01-06 08:07
I started to give job coaching to a 20 year old girl the other day. My designed programme the EGO programme was presented to her. I got a very positive feedback. I have used the programme often to people out of jobs but older than 50 and  I could now see and feel what it means to be young and what it means to be older to a person. The young is positive and has the whole future ahead of them and the older lets say in the mid fifties, have a completely different way of looking into the future. How many years left before ending the career? How many years left for a 20 year old person? Different attitudes. But off course! The young became eager to start with the programme , eager to see the result of the strategy. The older not quite so keen, and could also start to build up hinders, preventing them to go on with their career lifes. It is all about motivation I believe. To be motivated to get on with your life.The difference between having just finished school and looking for a job and to have become a redundant- make a whole lot of a difference. It is a tough job for a coach to convince the redundant to believe in a career future again at 58 but a dream task when job coaching a 20 year old person.As a coach you have to bear in mind who you are dealing with and try to understand that we have different plattforms to start off from. Try to give meaning to every person you coach. Let´s do a practice. Put yourself in the middle of a floor. Now turn your head and look at the back of your body. That is what we called the passed. Then turn your head back again and look forward. That is what we call the future. How do you walk in the future? Backwards or straight forward? Well if you turn, you can walk backwards into the future, but you can also walk straight into the future. If you walk straight into the future it will make the difference and change your attitude
The right attitude makes the whole difference - and with coaching you reach a bit longer
2009-12-22 15:27
A town called Trollhättan, north of Gothenburg, and  , about 3.500 redunants, have lost an important industry., the SAAB manufacturing. SAAB is about to close down, despite romurs that the ducht company Skyper will by it, we do not believe that is going to happened. GM has made up thier mind and will close SAAB, which will effect 3.500 workers. How are they going to deal with it? When us coachers, give coaching in change management the first thing we are checking is what attitude there is. Attitude could decisive for the worker´s future. Are we up for a change or not? Normally redundant feel rejected and shocked. Very often they want a revench. Anger, sadness, denial follow a reduntant.People from Trollhättan is known as happy, joyful people with a positive attitude. My auditor I had once came from Trollhättan. And I felt secured, relaxed and happy when he was around. Always a good attitude that nothing was impossible. The car industry in  Trollhättan is gone now. But when you listen to what the, reduntants and politicians in different interviews, say you hear"We are going to fix this!" "We are proude of people´s competence,and for sure we will use their knowledge and move on to other businesses. The people know the quality of their people and let us know that they believe in their future. A belief in themselves. For a coach to hear it is like music in the ear. The politicians have requested from the Swedish Government to present a crises management plan. When they have the plan the work can start. I can only wish them very much luck. I could not be more convinced about that the region will be even more successful, the business, the town and its people.  
The car industry
2009-12-20 08:41
Dear All, I have been taking part of the latest news, sad but necessary news about SAAB. SAAB the respected car facatory in Sweden is no more. The inventive SAAB.Thousands of people have to leave their jobs and look for a new future. Who to blame? The government according to the political opposition and the workers, the accumulated loss for over 20 years I say. How could they blow it? Could it be too much of technicians within SAAB who invented (The Turbo enginge for example) new techniques into the car world and with it came that they forgot to establish a sale strategy of long term? Who did they engage as their executive coach?   Who wants a company with accumulated losses for over 20 years? How many years would it take to reestablish a company in tough competition? And how? Competion, credit crunch etc. Only mad people would by SAAB and its condition. The Government said that they would not lend any money to a company which is loosing money. Us jobcoachers are having a very important task and that is to help the redundants, Help them to keep a positive attitudes, and to convince them through gentle coaching methods that there is a future out there without SAAB.  
When am I entitled to coaching?
2009-12-15 22:30
There are many companies and people asking "What is coaching?" How do I look for a coach? What to demand from a coach? Before a coach was under the name  consultant. A consultant was seen as an analytic person.I heared somebody said once" a consultant is a person who comes into  my office and tell me what I aready know". "And it cost a fortune". A consultant cannot come to a professional leader to tell him or her what to do in order to solve the actual problem. Today, a coach is required, and a coach asks questions. The coach is trained to put questions of a certain carractere to the leader so that the leader finds the solution to the problem. There are executive coaches, skill coaches and trainers. Coaching is a tool in order to solve problems. A coach is trained to use coaching as a tool. The coaches goal is to bring his or hers knowledge and experience to the coachee. Your demand from a coach - experience and knowledge, trustworthy and dignity.      
New learings at conference in Amsterdam
2009-12-01 15:01
I attended a three day conference of EMCC. EMCC is the european mentoring and coaching council UK based. I have two memberships one for Sweden and one for Switzerland. Why am I having memberships? Well, if you need a body to refer at when you apply for a contract, it is certainly one way of emphasizing your proffessional vue on coaching in itself. What is coaching? And what is mentoring? The question is not easy.For personal development I would recommend  coaching. The coach will put questions like "how do you feel when that and that is happening? Or, How would you think your situation would be like, if you did relevant changes?Etc. Mentoring is excellent when you need to know more about a specific issue and learn how other people in the same situation has solved cerctain problems etc. For entrepreneurs, mentoring could be a good choice. Learn what Paul Schonenberg, a colleague, would say about the differences. Mentoring:  "A process based on a relationship between a knowledge
holder (mentor) and a knowledge seeker (mentee) which is intended
by both to lead to the transfer of a specific knowledge set from the mentor to
the mentee.  Often the relationship focuses on the mentor relating how he/she did this or that and self critiquing what worked and did not, thereby allowing the knowledge seeker to acquire both understanding and  the ability to  "do the thing".  Alternatively, mentors can review the actions of mentees to optomize the performance of the mentee in the future.
 Coaching:  A process whereby a skilled change facilitation agent (the coach) uses a set of diagnostic and change facilitation tools to work with a person or persons (coachee /coachees) who wish to achieve personal or professional growth.
This developmental process is done through the vehicle of an agreed relationship with mutually understood goals."(source Paul Schonenberg, Luxmbourg) Kerstin Höghielm  
To give coaching is to get coaching
2009-11-21 14:59
Dear all, Having worked as a professional trainer, coacher, for the last 10 years I start to wonder who is learning by whom. After each session with a member of, I am filled with new ideas, new approaches and a lot of energy. I think the persons I am coaching, give me at least as much as I give to them. It must be the fenomen give and take. Are you a giver or a taker? Or both? "Do not take more than you can give" sings Elton John in the Lion King. Some writers are so deep and have so much understanding of life. Could be that Elton John, has some experiences of a tough life. The harder and more difficult your life is , the more you learn. Nelson Mandela in his words "The difficulty is not to fall, it is to raise after each fall". I consider myself as an understanding and professional coach. I have fallen many times, and raised and learned that nothing comes nor easy nor for free. The greatest thing which came along , when falling, was level of empathy. It was really zero in the beginning of my life, and now I can feel how other people feel. If you can get in touch with your own feelings - for sure you will become a good professional when dealing with humans. And a good leader too. Just think having a boss who understands you! Even the most highly appreciated CEO, successful you name it, have feelings within. And how you are feeling within, affects your leadership. Just that the CEO´s have demanding positions, which make them work hours and hours, and make it difficult to get  time for themselves.No time tto get in touch with the ithin.CEO´s daily work consist of  taking decisions ,every other minute, dealing with people, and to solve problems, come up with new ideas etc. So when can a CEO sit down and FEEL? You might find that many CEO´s  have rather a cold caractere. No wonder, they never get the time to talk feelings! They talk figures, strategies etc. Sometimes I feel (yes f e  e  l) sorry for them. Would not recommend them to change over a night, because it takes a long time to go to know at the inner door.