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Can I get this page translated into any other language? Yes, go to google translate .com and paste and choose language Can I get the EGO programme directly on this site? No, you have to contact your personal coach or administration office
Please log in and when you are in the member´s area scroll down and to the right you will find PDF files.
Go up on the right upper corner and put your username in. Click then on new password and you will have it sent to you.
Click on get started and select a username. Fill in your email address and save. You will be activated as a livecoacher member and a password will be sent to you.
Click on your username to the right upper corner. You will come into your section and you can edit your contact details.
Click on coachers on the menu and all coaches will appear. You can read about their skill and to your right you can send the selected coach a message directly from the site.
Yes. Go to and put www.livecoachers in the field. Chose language and click. The site will be translated(free translation) into the selected language
You can buy it online. Different websites are offering webcams. Or you can just buy one in a store where they sell computers.
You will get a 6 months membership allowing you to get a coach and one skill coaching
 It cost little enough so you can afford it!