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Kerstin Höghielm's Blog

Do you know what you want?
2014-02-26 20:32
You might think instantly that you do! If you do know what you want do you know why ? Two questions to ask when you want to move on for instance on to a new career. Firstly ask yourself what you want. When you know it, what type of job you would like to apply for, imagine what it would be like if you had that position. By putting yourself in that state, you will find out more and more about it. Milk it, and milk it for a fortnight. You will soon acknowledge the difference.
Do you know how to implement Talent Intelligence?
2014-01-28 20:43
Happy New Year to all of you. For many years I have stressed that a winning company is a company who implements talent intelligence. How many times when I have raised the question have I heard that "Oh we implement talent intelligent here in our organization". How come that many companies, despite using talent intelligence have a high turnover of employees that is not satisfactory? At livecoachers we have the answer to that ever so important question. The people who should implement the talent intelligence do not know how to do it. Simple as that. You have to know how to create talent intelligence. If you do you will not only boost the bottom line you will learn how to avoid hiring, firing and promoting at random.
Time Master - how to release time
2013-10-14 11:49
You can´t buy more time is our prime message on our site You simply do not have enough time 1.

Set up your ordinary "to do " list. Things to do at home, privately,for you self and at the office, family issues. 2.

Use the "chunk philosophy" . 3.

Time each task you have to do. See how long it will take. It is you who decide how long it will take.>

The chunk philosophy: Take a moment to ask yourself What you should do and why you should do the tasks.

Regroup. The tasks belonging to home duties and family duties and time each one of them. The tasks belonging to the office duties etc. Don´t forget to ask what and why for each task. If you follow these instructions you will release time. The trick is to time each one of the tasks, how long it will take.

Remember that you will be interrupted 57 times per day at the office and each time you are interrupted it will take you 4 minutes recovery!

Management by Grandmother
2013-09-30 12:54

Have you experienced that you have sent off an email and never got a reply? Or called a person and the call was never returned?

How many times have you visited a company and felt ignored already in the reception area?

Are we talking about values? Some time ago, I was runnig a forum for top chief executives, and had invited the CEO of TELE2, at the time, Mr Lars-Johan Jarnheimer as my key note speaker. Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, told the audience,that he had one trainee per year who followed him everywhere at work for a whole year, in order to learn about the organisation, the culture and managerial issues. He also described that very often the trainees, sometimes had studied at the university,up to seven years, before they came to work for Tele2. The first thing Lars-Johan had to deal with was the trainee´s behavior. Lars-Johan described: "They have up to seven years of studies, at the university,but they have never learned the basics which he called "Management by mormor"

These basic skills can be summarised as:

Be on time

Say hello

Return a call

Return an email

Know who the clients are and what their needs are.

Lars-Johan Jarnheimer had brought the Management by Grandmother concept with him from his time at H&M. He taught his trainees how to behave. To get knowledge about the company´s clients he urged not only the trainee but every employee at the headquarters to work in the customer service’s call centre for a whole week to answer the customer´s questions and to sort out their problems.

"I was not very popular at the times when the bus was sent to the headquarters to fetch the employees and to take them to the call center, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer described with a big smile" .

One more thing …

Unfortunately, with change comes redundancy. What does your company offer redundant? Outplacement? Coaching? There are several options on the market. A consultancy firm usually provides the outplacement services which are paid for by the former employer and are achieved through practical advice. Pshychological support is essential through the transition to new jobs. Job coaching is often provided by recruiters. Are they experienced enough to handle a person in grief? A Jobseeker needs EQ coaching. Perhaps the person has been employed for many years and all of a sudden is "not wanted". Many times, I have seen people who have lost their jobs having a break-down in front of me. I have learned how important it is to be able to handle the situation. How to handle a person in grief.

Therefore we offer a specially designed career programme, a step-by-step programme for jobseekers, including the "6 human needs" concept.We can make a difference. All Jobseekers working with us, can sit where they want, as long as they have an internet connection. Our professional jobcoaches, will take them through individual one-on-one with video in real time.Topics include career guidance,career evaluation,resume writing and interveiw preparation,developing networks, job search skills and targeting the job market. We know where the employers are and how to approach them in order to get a new career.

For more information, please email

Is it hard to make changes?
2013-09-19 16:22
Why do people do what they do?
2013-02-26 09:10
In today´s Swedish newspaper SVD, I read about the ex member of the biggest maffia family in New York Lousie Ferrante has shown that you can change limiting beliefs.He / is now traveling around the world, telling young people about his maffia life, what it was like, all the terrible things he did to other people and how he changed his biliefs in order to get out of it. An incident at prison changed his life. So many people I meet every week, and I can see what an impact fear has on people´s beliefs. This man Louis Ferrante, shows that even if you are scared to death, you can change your beliefs. You can make a shift. One day he became intimidating and aggressive against a prison guard. To make a long story short the guard said that prisoners were animals. To be called animal, was intrusive and touched his true identity.From that day he decided to change his life into something better.He read his first book and learned the art of writing. The Gambino family mobster, who after spending eight years in prison successfully appealed his conviction and became a successful crime and business writer.What he did was to turn his fear into power. He misses his mum, and regret that she never got to know about his change before she died. Every time I work with clients I can see what a huge impact fear has on people´s behavior and how much limiting beliefs prevent people from growing. Louise Ferrante is my hero. If he can change - you can!
Why do people do what they do?
2012-09-17 10:22
To keep an agreement seems to be less and less important to people. Every week I get one ore more cancellations of meetings set already a long time ago. It feels insulting every time it happens. I feel that I have to dig into the problem in order to understand why people do what they do. At work you have a number of people around you, internally and externally. Many of them want your attention for a certain purpose. Some people have power over you some have influence and some authority. With all these people you need to build good and sustainable relationships. So far I absolutely agree that sometimes you have to prioritize your list of people you need to meet up with. And to make changes in your diary. It is not the change in itself it is how you cancel a meeting. Some of the cancellations are rather intrusive. When you set an appointment with a person how often do you ask yourself why you are having the meeting with the person and what the meeting is going to give to you. What result do you want? What do you want to get out from the meeting? Ifyou cancel a meeting , what are the consequences? Did you show respect for the meeting you just cancelled? How do you feel yourself when for you an important meeting was cancelled? A meeting you should have had with your superior for instance to talk about your future? I suggest that you put a note or say that you might have to change the time of the meeting. "This meeting is reserved for changes". When showing respect for others you respect yourself.
Do you know the difference between a coach and a mentor?
2012-09-10 10:28
Many organizations say to me that they never engage external coaches. "We have our in-house coaches" The worst an organization could do, is to offer in-house coaches. You can never tell everything to an in-house coach which is in fact your colleague. Ask yourself : How much can I tell this coach? What will she/he do with it? We coaches, are well educated and know exactly what to do with what you say and do and behave. We look at your body language, we listen to your voice, and the expressions in your face. We take you through your problems and help you to solve them. And confidential! We can never use anything against you as an in-house coach could do if it was suitable. When you talk to an in-house coach, be careful to what you say to this person. But if you are offered a mentor you should say yes thank you. A mentor is a person having the same job as yourself, or have had the same job and a lot of experience to share with you. A mentor should give you good advice in order to improve your skills and to help you to make your job easier to fulfill.
To look for a new career- some guide lines
2012-08-29 10:22