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General Terms of Service

1. General

These general terms are agreed to be applied to the services that are ordered through below referred to as the online coaching website unless another

specific agreement is made between the parties.


2. Scope of the service

The subscriber, coachee shall receive online professional coaching in accordiance with the

choice of program the coachee has made. The coachee can choose between the EGO progam,

 PSP program or CPM program, depending on the coachee is having a work position or not. In

this coaching the subscriber will receive coaching sessions and be led through the

program and to get feed back from coach. Programs can also allow download against payment on line


3. Decline

The coach has the right to decline coaching if it is considered that the coachee need therapy

instead of coaching.


4. Price


4.1 The charges for the 6-months programme, and 12 months programme wih professional coach, is invoiced by B-people coaching community sárl, Switzerland. Terms of payment 30 days net.


4.2 Programs offered to be downloaded from site, step-by -step programs are payable before delivery of downloads on the site through paypal or equivalent pay system.



4.3 Subscriber may choose a professional coach who is the most convenient for the



4.4 The subscriber will receive assistance with getting started and with personal technical

support during the whole time the subscriber subscribes to


4.5 Software for web meeting is not included in the price. Subscriber must download Skype

for the video meetings and see to that a web camera and a microphone are installed.

All prices are exclusive VAT.

The above prices will be revised on the 1st of January each year. B-people Coaching

Community SARL, can increase prices according to index.


5. Payment

Payment shall be made for services provided and invoiced with 30 days net or at agreement with client.


6. Cancellation of orders

The subscriber has the right to cancel the order within 14 days from the order date. If the

order is cancelled the fixed monthly fee does not need to be paid. In the case of work that

has been performed in connection with the order this shall be paid for according to the

above published price determination.


8. Complaints

If the subscriber is not satisfied with coach in a particular month the subscriber makes a complaint to b-people coaching community sárl, 10 espace des Remparts 1250 Sion Switzerland within 14 days.


9. High-speed Internet access

Web meeting requires high-speed Internet access and broad band

10. Personal information

Through placement of an order the subscriber agrees that b-people Coaching Community

SARL uses and stores the subscriber's information for use by bpeople Coaching

Community´s business. Bpeople Coaching Community SARL, Switzerland, will not

release the subscriber 's information to third parties. It is understood that "third parties"

does not refer to the coachers who work in cooperation with


11. Website owner

The Website is owned by ,Bpeople Coaching Community SARL


12. Disputes

Disputes arising in conection to this agreement shall be finally arbitrated under the Swiss

Law. The place for arbitration will be in Sion, Switzerland.


13. Contract agreement and period

The coachers , who uses online coaching, have agreed to be bound by

these general terms of service with subscribers served by

Fixed monthly fee

A contract with the terms that are stated in these general terms of service, so far as payment

of the fixed monthly fee of 110 EUR, has been concluded between the subscriber and

b-people Coaching Community SARL when the order has been confirmed in writing by

b-people Coaching Community SARL. With for example a conflict of interest the order will

not be confirmed and no agreement will be concluded. This agreement for a fixed monthly

fee will be terminated at the end of the first full month following the termination of same

by either party.