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Live coaching - for people in progress

Save time and cut costs by using professional online video coaching.

As professional coachers, we know that your schedule is tight and that a less stressful day is very valuable to you. We know that you neither want to waste money nor time. How about having your personally selected coach right where you are and not being forced to move? Our experienced executive coachers are ready to take you further on in your professional development. We follow the principle "The six human needs" developed by the Strategic Intervention Institute, US, in order to improve your personal leadership.If you understand the six human needs and what your top needs are it will help you understand why you think, feel and act as you do, and what drives and shapes your behavior. This will allow you to know yourself, so you can deal effectively with your own personality limitations, and then be able to free your energy to deal with the world, fulfill your potential and achieve your goals and dreams

Outplacement—job coaching

Losing your job is a devastating experience to many people. However, the feeling of devastation can be turned into a feeling of excitement. New challenges in your present job is a fascinating thing. Both require a well-prepared strategy, which will guide you to your success. Live coaching is the new efficient way of coaching. To insure the highest level of quality, only the very best coachers in each area (job coaching, skill coaching, executive coaching) are selected to work for us. We utilise specially designed programmes—PSP and EGO tools—to establish goals and deliver results. For more information about our services please click on "Products and Services" in the menu above.